Monday, December 19, 2005

The War on Trust

Don't you think the fact that the Secretary of State felt the need to use the word "authority" approximately 7.5 times per minute on Meet the Press is a Freudian confession that she doesn't, in fact, think that the President has the authority to eavesdrop on anyone he damn well pleases?

This is illegal, this is frightening, and this is the precise moment history will judge Conservatism. At what point do you admit to yourself, quietly, in your gut, that you cannot pretend to support a deranged man with a God complex any longer? You can't look yourself in the mirror after trying to spin this 1984 business in public for a paycheck. Yes, he means well; at least in some "nice to dogs and children" sort of way; but so what?

There are no good reasons for this. At all.

There are two reasons for this. One, obviously, is that he's spying on people he shouldn't be. I wouldn't be the least bit shocked to find out that Bush has authorized, supported, and lusted after the the illegal survelliance of peaceful anti-war groups, newspapers, think tanks, TV news stations, universities, the DLC, and anyone else who may question His wisdom. These are the only people the FISA court would ever deny warrants for; although that court has been Astoundingly hospitable, all things considered. You don't even need to get a warrant until 72 hours after you've started the spying for crying out loud.

The other reason is that George W Bush is personally offended by the concept of "getting a warrant". A warrant is a permission slip, and he doesn't have to ask anyone's permission now that he's President dad. See, I can be president too dad. Look at me daddy. And so on.

Most likely he wanted someone spied upon, and couldn't even get a drunk John Yoo to sign off on it, so he orded the clandestine program. Because He can do whatever He wants.

Honestly, how is this ok to you? Do you have any reservations?


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