Thursday, September 08, 2005

"He's your President, not ours" --Dick Armey

Well my friend, I'm not going to get into a mudslinging match with you vis-a-vis levee funding. I'm familiar with your post, and I've read evidence to the contrary. We're dealing with the labyrinthine world of the federal government's budget here, and as Homer Simpson so wisely put it, "You can use statistics to prove anything, 14% of all people know that".

So I'm just going to go ahead and cede you this point. It's beautiful outside, and I'd rather flunk than do my homework. But I do have the following information from a trusted mutual friend working in Alabama right now:

"Oh... and the "it's the state's responsibility" stuff is empty. The Louisiana National Guard is around the most depleted in the country. My understanding is that their only available unit had been returned just that week. And the issue isn't really bodies, it's equipment.
All our national guard equipment is overseas. So Louisiana had no means to use their guard resources, because they were either in Iraq, or were soldiers 2 days back from Iraq.
So what did Blanco do? The smart thing. On Saturday, August 27, she struck a deal with Janet Napolitano of AZ for Arizona to send their guard and equipment to Louisiana. Here's where things get interesting. Guardsmen within their own state are under the control of the Governor. However in order to cross state lines, they require Presidential approval. That request was sent Saturday the 27th and was not approved until the afternoon of Wednesday the 31st." Maybe there's a good reason for this, but if the dates are factual than this reeks of malice.

As for "hating" President Bush, this assertion is pretty misguided. The only people I hate are Celine Deon and those two guys who mugged me a couple of weeks ago. Although they took my cash and gave me back my wallet, so I'm even having a hard time hating them.

I dislike President Bush. I think he's profoundly unqualified for the office both intellectually and morally; and I think his flowery rhetoric about freedom is rendered empty by his actions. And I agree that there are people whose reactions to him amount to knee-jerk antagonism, but I suspect that said response is really an in-house Democratic phenomenon. There are people who will give him no points for anything because there are so many Democrats who, sadly, are willing to give him credit, or the benefit of the doubt when he doesn't deserve it, just so they can seem reasonable.

In addition, Bush has earned peoples' distrust. This is in stark contrast to Clinton. Clinton did a good job by any number of Republican metrics, so you invented all sorts of phony scandals to attack and impeach him for. Bush is an abject failure by most Democratic metrics, and is treated accordingly. So I ask you, can you really equate Republican and Democratic contempt for the sitting President from the opposition party?

ps- I like the changes.

pps- **Update, I also hate these bastards posting advertising in the comments section. Brilliant assholes, may your teeth fall out and your women become barren.**


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