Saturday, September 03, 2005

The Price of Loyalty

Are old school liberals better off now? Of course not. Are they really worse off though? I kinda doubt it. They experienced in the 1990's what many honest Republicans are going through today: the cannibalization of their beliefs by the trappings of power. Is it better to have your party or the opposition implement legislation you hate?

O.G. Liberals are functionally neutered regardless of who's in charge, and their beliefs are alien to the Kerry-voting Northeast. I personally have little time for yellow-dogs and the Democratic dinosaurs of the Tip O'Neill era. Why on earth would I vote for a party that's both culturally conservative and economically xenophobic? Besides, I'm sure you're well aware of the unrest that stirred on Clinton's left flank for eight years.

Let me ask you a question. What if, on paper, the Republican Party represents your views on about 85% of their positions; but, you find their positions on certain things to be completely antithetical to your sense of morality? And what of the inverse? Say the Democrats get most things wrong, but stand firm and don't budge on those issues closest to your heart?

At the top of this page you characterize yourself as a "solid Republican", although you're pro-choice, pro-stem cells, and would never stoop to half-witted dittohead cliches like "there's never been a successful government program in the history of this country", or, "the world will be awed by my artistic prowess when they get a load of the ties I'm designing". What exactly keeps you in Bush's corner? Are you sticking around for the hundred gazillion dollar medicare bill, the $240 million bridge to nowhere in Alaska, or the impending crackdown on pornography?


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