Thursday, August 25, 2005

Political Confusion

Having just received word that my left-wing blogging buddy is ready to go, let the blogging begin. Our first topic, suggested from the left, is:
"Some people are so profoundly offended by
stem-cell research that the government can't even
help fund it, since there's no way to guarantee
that those peoples' tax dollars wouldn't be spent
on something they find so immoral. Yet the 40% of
this country that opposed the war from day one are
entitled to no similar recourse."

Unfortunately, this is just two examples of the many ways in which the oddities of collective action rear its ugly head. A few others: people who send their kids to private school have to continue to pay those part of their property taxes which fund public schools; the one U.S. Senator who voted against declaring war in World War II didn't have to go live in Germany; everyone who voted for John Kerry still has to have President Bush as their President (which I am sure will bring a bitter/sarcastic respone).
This isn't a good answer to the problem, except to say that sometimes that is how democracy works. However, I would note the difference between the two. The reason stem-cell research funding is being blocked is because a (apparently) majority is Congress is opposed. Though I am personally in favor of stem-cell research, with Republicans controlling Congress there isn't a majority to push for the funding. On the flip side, most of the people who are opposed to the war are Democrats. If Democrats were the majority in Congress, they could deny funding. (Though my guess is that wouldn't happen -- remember how many of them voted for the action in the first place, and how hard it is to get elected in most districts if you are perceived as "weak")
So, my answer to my very frustrated friend Gabe is -- get a majority elected, and you can kill all the potential babies you want!


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